January 5, 2007

Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:46 pm by jayfresh

For me, Software as a Service (SaaS) has two facets:

  • A full exploitation of multi-tenancy in software allowing an emphasis on collaboration, synchronisation and community
  • An abstraction from the labours of software administration and deployment

This change in the consumption of software must be echoed in the production of software, so that we can think of an ideal of “Software Development as a Service” (SDaaS). This mirrors the driving forces behind SaaS:

  • A diverse marketplace for IT skills is unified in a community of support, re-use and competition
  • The infrastructure necessary for software development is managed and abstracted away, leaving developers with more freedom and the flexibility to apply the most appropriate solution to a situation

As with SaaS, which has seen its greatest take-up in the SME sector, SDaaS will be initially adopted by smaller groups of developers, with Enterprise adoption limited to relatively autonomous in-house development teams. In step with SaaS, as trust grows in the security and capability of hosted-software services, SDaaS will become the natural choice for developing these type of applications. At the extreme limit, large IT contracts will be awarded not to giant integrators running bespoke solutions, but to companies who can deliver at a fraction of the cost by exploiting the skills and infrastructure of the global marketplace.


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