October 23, 2006

IdeaBrew – a storm in a Hogshead

Posted in IdeaBrew, Web2.0 at 5:41 pm by jayfresh

First meeting of IdeaBrew last Wednesday, gathered in a local over nachos and platters of snacks.

James Shi is running this initiative to construct a Web 2.0 ideas factory – now that he works in Al-noor’s business office we have a direct line of sight to the big guy.

Around ten or fifteen people showed up – new OneIT graduates, guys from the business office, a couple of other interested parties. We’ve been throwing ideas around on an online whiteboard for a while, and we had a couple of presentations about these and some general brainstorming afterwards.

We’ve now got three major threads to develop: extending the BT employee directory into a social network; creating an internal collaboration site (not unlike BaseCamp…); creating a closed-loop-control system for the CEO’s business office.

These sound pretty cool, especially if we can build common functionality to underpin them all. I think that’s an important theme in all this lightweight Web 2.0 stuff – using the websites as views on a common pool of data.